The first congress of Iranians active in the tourism industry

“Sustainable and resilient tourism in Iran”

17 and 18 December 2022

The purpose of holding the first session of this congress is to create a ground for sharing theoretical and practical knowledge and to provide practical solutions in order to implement and realize “sustainable and resilient tourism in Iran”. This congress, by bringing together Persian-speaking researchers and tourism activists inside and outside the country, intends to provide a suitable ground for presenting the latest scientific and professional achievements of tourism and hotel management in Persian, and key proposals for reviving and re-creating this industry. Provide. Persian speakers mean all Iranians of different ethnicity from around the world, as well as citizens of other countries, whether Iranian or non-Iranian, who can speak Persian.



Past Events 15 شهریور 15 شهریور – 15 شهریور نحوه انتخاب موضوع پژوهش در حوزه گردشگری 1402-06-15 04:00 بعد از ظهر (+0330) – 1402-06-15 05:30 بعد از ظهر (+0330) Online Event Past Webinars 11 مرداد 11 مرداد – 11 مرداد مهمان نوازى و جايگاه آن در عرصه ملى و بين المللى گردشگرى 1402-05-11 05:00 بعد…


مهمان نوازى و جايگاه آن در عرصه ملى و بين المللى گردشگرى 11 مرداد ماه   هدف از این وبینار تعریف واژه مهمان نوازی به عنوان یک سرویس در گردشگری می باشد و شرکت کنندگان با مفهوم چگونگی اثر مهمان نوازی در گردشگری به عنوان یک سرویس وتجربه متفاوت آشنا خواهند شد. در اين وبينار…

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هدف از برگزاری نشست اول این کنگره ایجاد زمینه ای برای به اشتراک گذاشتن دانش نظری و عملی و ارائه راه حل های کاربردی به¬منظور پیاده سازی و تحقق “گردشگری پایدار و تاب آور در ایران” است. این کنگره با گرد هم آوردن پژوهشگران و فعالان گردشگری فارسی زبان در داخل و خارج از کشور…

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هدف از برگزاری نشست اول این کنگره ایجاد زمینه ای برای به اشتراک گذاشتن دانش نظری و عملی و ارائه راه حل های کاربردی به¬منظور پیاده سازی و تحقق “گردشگری پایدار و تاب آور در ایران” است. این کنگره با گرد هم آوردن پژوهشگران و فعالان گردشگری فارسی زبان در داخل و خارج از کشور…

Local future planning people have a long experience with conserving the agricultural heritage landscapes of Japan. Some have visited similar agricultural heritage landscape in other countries and have created dialogues among agricultural heritage communities. These workshop activities are not only for local communities to understand their potential better but can enable them to utilize traditional knowledge and to share lessons among communities and also conduct internships and training programs for students from Japan and abroad. In this way a series of international internship programs and study activities have been conducted with other universities and international organizations.

Upcoming Webinars

مهمان نوازى ايرانى by SCoT Webinars 46 46 people viewed this event. مهمان نوازى ايرانى   نزد بسیاری از مسافران بین المللی، مهمان دوستی، صمیمیت، و رفتار دوستانه جامعه میزبان عنصری محوری در ارتقای تجربه سفرهایشان محسوب می شود. مهمان دوستی از خصلت های اجتماعی همه کشورها است. در عین حال، در برخی مقاصد گردشگری،…


Registrations have closed. نحوه انتخاب موضوع پژوهش در حوزه گردشگری by SCoT Webinars 824 824 people viewed this event. نحوه انتخاب موضوع پژوهش در حوزه گردشگری   در راستای وبینار پیشین با موضوع « نحوه نگارش و چاپ مقاله در مجلات معتبر بین‌المللی در حوزه گردشگری » که در آن به فرآیند انتشار مقاله پرداخته…

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            سعید امامی مقدم شیرین امون زودا حسن انصاری جعفر جعفری     بهاره حبیب زاده مهدی حسینی کیا مانا خوشکام رایمند رستگار مصطفی رسولی منش ابراهیم زاهدی نرگس سمیع سیامک سیفی مسیح شریف محمد شریفی تهرانی مهنا نیک بین کاظم وفاداری سمانه یوسفی

If you are interested about local communities and leadership at the community level or if you want to know about the everyday lives of people in local areas and the story of sustainable adaptation of human nature through the traditional landscapes of Japan you can learn from the activities designed for these purposes by the Local Future Planning Association. The subjects that represent the Association’s activities include conserving traditional agriculture and associated landscapes traditional knowledge and crafts, forestry, agriculture and fisheries activities using traditional and sustainable ways of resource management, activities designed in herbal and medicinal edible plants environments such as tourism and cooking events with such materials, branding and value added products using traditional agriculture, international certification, geotourism and associated heritage and volcanic landscape including Hot Springs. 

Paying attention to the agricultural heritage of Oita, the Association works in five different areas related to agriculture heritage including: 

  1. The biodiversity values of species of birds and aquatic animals and plants including medicinal edible plants; 
  2. Sustainability including sustainable community development and sustainable traditional agriculture landscape planning; 
  3. Landscape design and culture, including forestry associated landscape for mushroom production, rice terraces, and land use and landscape diversity; 
  4. Cultural landscapes including historical resources traditional lifestyle and marginal villages; 
  5. Agriculture heritage tourism using the concept of agricultural heritage as a destination brand covering new types of agricultural experiences, community collaboration, and interaction through agricultural heritage.













Local Future Planning Association



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The founders of the Local Future Planning Association believe that the Association belongs to the people in Oita prefecture and they have an obligation to pay back to the local community while living within that community and learning from their traditional knowledge and valuable resources and heritage. Activities with the Local Planning Association gives you first-hand information and links you with the real lifestyle and everyday life of Oita now and in the past. Local future planning is created as a Community School of traditional knowledge to serve anybody who is interested to learn from local communities and welcomes interested people who want to contribute to their community and enrich their own life and knowledge through these activities.